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Is it too early to teach a seven month old how to surf? (at Cardiff Pipes Beach)

Bennett’s loving the fresh air and goats. (at Newcastle. Ca)

Get in my belly. Guacamole.

Greg’s one of the best surf filmmakers in the world, so I can’t wait to see this. If you’re going, I’ll see ya tonight. (at La Paloma Theatre)

These babies were definitely enjoying the surf and sand. How do I know? They just couldn’t stop talking. (at San Elijo State Campground)

The super low tide makes for a good time to check out the reefs. (at San Elijo State Beach)

The kids are stoked on their candy.

Tha calm before the storm. First class? 7:30am. (at MiraCosta College (San Elijo Campus))

These Fresno St fans are entertaining. #GoAztecs

8am- 5pm. We have 1,182 essays to read. We can do this. #SDSU #WPA (at SDSU Love Library)

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